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Ramble is a board game where players take part in a fun and exciting race around the Lake District.

The object of the game is for each player to visit two Lakes & Tarns, two Mountains & Fells and two Places of Interest before returning to their starting position before any other player.

Along the way players learn about this fascinating part of the UK whilst testing their map skills and local knowledge.

Fences add a tactical element to the game as players try to obstruct their opponents from making progress on their ramble, while the use of both dice adds a portion of luck! Ramble cards add unexpected problems and challenges into your adventure, putting a player’s best-laid plans to the test.

There are three levels of playing Ramble within the box making Ramble suitable for all ages

Ramble is not just a stroll in the park!

A perfect gift for any occasion

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"We were lucky enough to be given Ramble as a Christmas present - it is fabulous! We have played it four times since then ... impressed with quality of its components and hope to enjoy many, many times!"
Trevor, Peterborough